My BF’s birthday

十一月 5, 2010 發表留言

11/08 is my boy friend’s birthday. We had a plan that day so my sisters came from other city to my apartment to have lunch and dinner with us last Sunday.

I think my bf is very happy.

After lunch we went to Tainan gold coast for a walk and saw the sunset. We found the plastic ropes everywhere. They are some oyster bed i Tainan, and almost all the oystermen never clean the trash after they made oyster racks. So few times of a year we can see plastic ropes and bamboo tubes everywhere on the beach.

I think the government doesn’t care about that and never tells oystermen should clean the junk they made.

We have so many beautiful places to go and enjoy the view. People should know how to keep them well. Our government should do something to avoid this kind situation happen all the time, not just tell us what they would do on the electioneering.


Moon festival disaster….

九月 27, 2010 發表留言

Beach destroy action

In Taiwan people like to have bar-b-q and play fireworks on Moon festival. But most people would never clean the garbage that they made. Yesterday i went to the beach near my apartment and i found out there were a lot of garbage on the beach. Also i found out there were many industrial junk like rubber products on the beach too. I think some factories threw the junk to the sea during the typhoon last week.



九月 12, 2010 發表留言


My dog Maggie, I walk her almost everyday at least once a day.  I adapted her last year and now she is 1 year and 6 months old. She never barks in my apartment.


A lunch client

九月 7, 2010 發表留言

We have a client which doing business with us for many years. Recently, they hired a Canadian sales manger. But, there is one thing i really don’t like – He always comes for lunch!

I don’t need to take him out for lunch because of he is not my client. But it feels bad when we’re having lunch in the office and my boss was talking really loud with this guy. Then my boss will take him out for lunch.

It’s really not my business, just think what kind of person would do this kind thing? He is not poor, in fact, he earns much more money than local people. So why he is doing this, because of he is our client so he can come here for free lunch? or he thinks he is a foreigner, people would treat him better, so he never fells embarrassed to ask free lunch? If he is a Taiwanese client i believe my boss would never take him out for lunch. I have seen that!!

And the worse thing is the guy only wants to eat out, he does not want to have a lunch box with us in the office!


Burning sofa

九月 4, 2010 發表留言

I saw this on my way home, it was not too far from my company. People here burn everything. I think they don’t care what they burn and what kind of problems it would cause…..It was next to a farm and i think the plants they grow must be polluted…..


Raining ….

八月 29, 2010 發表留言


I don’t remember that Tainan rains all the time during the summer. I almost didn’t go out on the weekend for two months!



八月 26, 2010 發表留言

The weather is changing and we can see a lot of wired signs from the sky.

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